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RoeTest von J. Scott Anderson, USA

Er baute die neue Version V10 mit den neuen Trafos mit einer Netzspannung von 115V AC und sandte mir folgenden Text mit Bildern:

Hi Helmut

I have attached some pictures of my Roetest V10 made with the 120VAC toroidal transformer.

The project has been a great experience and the finished result has worked perfectly.  The ease of use and the amount of information, compared to any other vacuum tube testers I have used, is amazing.  Fantastic design, huge tube database and all available with a few keystrokes.  I can’t thank you enough for making this design available and its construction, through the complete parts list, the finished circuit boards, the faceplate, etc…., a reasonable project to take on. 

All the best,
J. Scott Anderson