RoeTest, professional tube testing system, tube tracer

RoeTest - professional tube testing system  RoeTest  (Röhrentest)

     professional tube testing system  (c) Helmut Weigl

RoeTest Röhrenmessgerät - home tube testing system
Aktuelles und Historie zur Internetseite - history and news of tube tester
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tube test hardware
Software - Messsoftware und Datenbankensoftware - tube measurement software
Beschreibung - description of tube tester
Beispiele - besondere Röhrenmessungen - examples tubetest
Download Software - free download tube software and tubedata
Bestellung - ordering informations
andere RoeTest's - tube testers made by other people
Identifizierung von Röhren - tube identification
Tipp's Informationen Hilfe - help and documentation
FQA about tube tester and tube measurement
Haftung, Copyright, warranty
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sonstiges - alles was nicht unbedingt mit Röhrenprüfung zu tun hat - misc.

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Istruzioni in Italiano

RoeTest von Stephan Kissling, Australien

he sends me follwing text and pictures:

First up, thank you very much for all the effort Mr Weigl has put in, and continues to put in, in developing such a fantastic tool for us Tube enthusiast and professionals.

I still cannot fathom the amount of work it would have taken you to work out all the different layers of the tester. The software, the hardware, the documentation and so on.

I did enjoy building the tester and I have a big task ahead of me to learn to perform all the tests possible with the tester.

Mr Weigl was very helpful when I had a problem with my USB interface. This was the only problem I encounter during the build. This is a testament to the quality of the build guide.

All those photos in the guide helped as well.

I am confident that should I encounter a problem in the future, I will not have a problem getting all the help I need form Mr Weigl

I am looking forward to reaping the rewards of building this tester.

Stephan Kissling