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RoeTest - professional tube testing system  RoeTest  (Röhrentest)

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RoeTest von Roman Vasko, Ungarn

RoeTest tube tester

Hello Helmut!

I live in Hungary and work in the town of Dunaújváros.
I've collected Roetest V9 almost a year ago, but only now I'm reporting on my successful project.
Thanks to Roe device, now I do not have problems with repair and development of tube amplifiers.
And also with the verification, selection and sale of tubes manufactured in the USSR.
Helmut, I want to tell you many thanks for such a wonderful Roe-tester, and for the excellent description and documentation on the assembly of the device.

Well, a few photos of my Roetest V9.
Thanks again for your work!
Best Regards!

Roman Vasko

better than Funke W19