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RoeTest Kyle Werner, USA

His Message:

Hello Helmut,

I have finished the project today and everything is working great. Thank you for providing detailed documentation and helpful tips. I ran into trouble calibrating the G1. I could not get it past -40 volts and saw where you warned that having too much offset means the op amp could be faulty. I reflowed the LTC6090 and it was able calibrate with little offset after that. I think the pad on the bottom failed to connect.

My design was inspired from a recycled case I used from an old 70's oscilloscope. I mounted the board to the sides so I could remove both the top and bottom panels and access everything if I ran into trouble. I am concerned with oscillations because I have the socket wires very long. What will it look like when there is an oscillation problem?

Attached are some pictures of the final build.

Thanks again!
Kyle Werner